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the skyscrapers are all glassy and high rise in this cityscape photo
Design Architecture Inspiration
Varso Tower, located in the heart of Warsaw, is the final showpiece in our award-winning Varso Place mixed-use development – sitting proudly alongside offices, a hotel, an innovation hub, and retail units including restaurants, a fitness club, and a health centre.
Put EU’s tallest structure on the LEGO map!
This LEGO idea is inspired by an existing record-breaking building from Europe. The project represents a brand-new skyscraper from Poland – Varso Tower. Vote here -
a group of people standing on top of a roof next to a tall metal structure
LED Light Construction
Varso Tower is the final showpiece of our mixed-use Varso Place development, featuring offices, a hotel, innovation hub and retail spaces in the heart of Warsaw. Its close proximity to Warsaw Central Station also means it has several dozen public transport options within just a few minutes’ walk.
an illuminated sculpture in the middle of a walkway
LED Light Inspiration
Warsaw’s new architectural icon is the European Union’s tallest building, taller even than the skyscrapers of Frankfurt, Milan and Paris.
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Construction Inspiration
Varso Place is the most centrally located development in Warsaw with excellent access to tram, bus, metro and direct access to the Central Railway Station.
an indoor dining area with tables, chairs and planters in the center of the room
Dining area Design
We are creating not only a prestigious business hub but also spaces that can be accessed by everyone; from the immediate neighbourhood of our buildings, which will become more orderly and accessible for pedestrians, to a covered walkway lined with shops and restaurants, to a spectacular public observation deck on the top of Varso Tower. The scale of positive changes in this part of the Warsaw city centre will be enormous.
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Warsaw Architecture
With 13,500 sq m of central Warsaw space to spread out in, 1,000+ BGK employees will soon enjoy workspace that supports both wellbeing and productivity. Exciting times are ahead for the entire Varso development!