Autoimmune Disease

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Living our life as two parents with autoimmune disease. #livingwellwithautoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseasediet #hashimotosdisease

A Day in Our Life (with Pictures)

We use diet and lifestyle to manage our autoimmune diseases... but what does that actually look like? Here's a peak into our daily autoimmune-friendly life.

If you're ready to start a healing diet to help reverse your autoimmune symptoms, here are the steps you need to take for success! #autoimmunehealingdiet #autoimmunediseasediet #AIPdiettips

Start Off on the Right Foot

Autoimmune diseases rates are climbing, but many are healing through diet changes. Sounds easy but it's not - unless you have these 7 steps.

After a bunch of weird autoimmune test results, I decided to give up my search for a specified diagnosis. #autoimmunedisease #livingwithautoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseasediagnosis

Why I'm Not Interested in an Official Diagnosis

This is Part 3 of My Big Fat Autoimmune Mess! series. The other posts in this series include: Part 1: I Traded My Hashimoto’s Disease for A Big Fat Autoimmune Mess! Part 2: My Big Fat Autoimmune Mess! My Symptoms and Test Results Part 4: How I Healed My Leaky ... Read More

I thought the solution would be simple after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, but I quickly found out that a gluten-free diet wasn't enough. Knowing what I know now, here's what I would do instead. #glutenfreediet #celiacdiseasediet #celiacdiseasediagnosis

It's not just as easy as a gluten-free diet.

Experience has taught me that Celiac treatment is much more than a gluten-free diet. Here's what I'd do if I just received a Celiac Disease diagnosis.

While living with a chronic illness is NOT something we ever envisioned for our lives, there are some benefits buried underneath the suffering. #livingwellwithautoimmunedisease #chronicillnessliving #spoonie

There is some good.

Living with chronic illness & autoimmune disease has undeniable struggles, but buried underneath the symptoms and pain are valuable life lessons!

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21 Signs You Might Have a Parasite (& What to Do About It)

Did you know that everyone has parasites? However, when out of balance, they can wreak havoc on our health. Here's what to do.

All the mysterious symptoms that led to my MS diagnosis. #autoimmunediseaseMS #multiplesclerosis #MSdiagnosis

My Primary Progressive MS Symptoms

Nine symptoms developed over 25 years, including early warning signs that delayed the answer, but eventually led to a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis.

Learning how to deal with Lupus after being diagnosed. Do the foods you eat really matter? What foods should you include or exclude to make the Lupus diet work?

The Lupus Diet - What Foods You Should Avoid

Learning how to deal with Lupus after being diagnosed. Do the foods you eat really matter? What foods should you include or exclude to make the Lupus diet work?

What is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, MCTD, and how can yoga help? Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Yoga For Arthritis, Small Study, Mental Health Problems, Crps, Body Systems, Yoga Benefits

Aqua yoga for people and pros

MCTD and yoga. What are the symptoms of this disease and how can yoga benefit a MCTD patient. Lots of resources to find yoga near you if you live with MCTD.

Depending on your unique needs, an autoimmune-friendly lifestyle may require a complete lifestyle and diet overhaul. This often feels totally unrealistic and unsustainable... here's how we stick to it, and our best tips for making it easier. #autoimmunediseasetips #livingwithautoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseasediet

How We Sustain an Autoimmune-Friendly Lifestyle

How we stay focused and sustain an autoimmune-friendly diet and lifestyle, even in the most stressful times, plus our top 10 tips to make it easier.

Discover the major benefits of tracking your autoimmune journey on a daily basis. #autoimmunediseasetips #livingwellwithautoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseasehealthjournal

Autoimmune Health Journaling

10 benefits of keeping a health journal to manage chronic illness, exercise, stress, diet, and more - a few may surprise you!

Mistakes That Slowed Me Down

My recovery from autoimmune disease could have been less rocky and way cheaper if I hadn't made these 10 (common) mistakes!

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Is it really worth it?

Many people turn to an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle changes to manage autoimmune disease and symptoms. Here's the truth about that approach.

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4 Ways I Use Homeopathy to Manage Autoimmune Disease

Homeopathy packs a powerful punch for chronic illness and autoimmune disease symptoms. Here are just 4 of the many ways it can help!

The doctor said the solution was simple - just go gluten-free! But that didn't help me. Here's why. #glutenfreediet #celiacdiseasediet #celiacdiseasediagnosis #celiacdiseaseawareness Celiac Disease Treatment, What Is Celiac Disease, Celiac Disease Diagnosis, Autoimmune Disease Awareness, Celiac Disease In Children, Chronic Disease Management, Gluten Free Diet, Gut Health, Healthy Habits

Why a Gluten-Free Diet Didn't Eliminate My Symptoms

The standard treatment for Celiac Disease is to switch to a gluten free diet. Unfortunately, it isn't the simple fix everyone thinks it is.

A look into my first trimester of managing an autoimmune disease while pregnant. #autoimmunediseasepregnancy #autoimmunediseasemom #pregnancyandautoimmunedisease #Hashimotospregnancy Hashimotos Symptoms, Thyroid Symptoms, Flu Like Symptoms, Thyroid Hormone, Thyroid Health, Hypothyroidism, Pregnancy First Trimester, Second Pregnancy, Second Trimester

How I Managed the First Trimester of my Autoimmune Pregnancy

Pregnancy and autoimmune disease is complicated... will you flare? Will you feel better? Will nothing change? Here's my first trimester experience.