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two people are talking to each other in front of a fire
SPREAD YOUR WINGS!! — they’re more alike than they want to admit
an anime character holding a ball in his hand
hanromi: “I already know just how painful running away can be.” “One more time” - Ennoshita Chikara I loved Ennoshita’s episode, if there’s one thing I love about hq then it’s how everyone evolves and make you feel like a proud parent;;
an image of two people kissing in front of each other, and one person is holding the
Malec Comic based on extra "Kissed: Magnus and Alec’s First Kiss" part 5 ... Drawn by xiannustudio ... alexander 'alec' lightwood, the mortal instruments, chairman meow
Voltron Shurtis, Voltron Funny, Too Much
saint seiya fills the voltron void.
Iruka Naruto, Naruto Mignon, Photo Naruto, Manga Naruto, Pahlawan Marvel, Desain Signage, Naruto Fan Art, Naruto Cute, Naruto Series
New Meaning Underneath The Underneath. (Itanaru)|Under Editing| - Chapter 8-Entry 8