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This is a pillow with a speaker in. You can plug it into your iPod and play music out of your pillow when you're lying in bed. You see, if you read the label it explains that the pillow is filled with foam and a speak unit. It is effectively an extra large headphone. Possible uses - a pillow, a large and ineffective headphone, an extra comfy boom box to carry around town, a seat cushion (if your ears are on your arse). I will be listening to Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter as I lay in…

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Orphaned mouse Stuart Little (voiced by Michael J Fox) is taken in by wealthy New Yorkers Hugh Laurie and Geena Davies as company for their little boy. However, there is a gauntlet of terror to be run around their brownstone home, not least the vengeful family cat Snowbell (Nathan Lane). Combining smart CG animation with a likeable human cast, director Rob Minkoff crafts a charming mouse-capade from E. B. White's evergreen children's tale.

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"Stuart Little:" A Small House with a Big Personality

In the "Stuart Little" movie, based on the book by E.B. White, the Little family lives in a New York City brownstone wedged between much larger buildings.

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50 greatest movie cats

For animals that sleep for most of their life and spend the rest of the time eating or tormenting any other living creature in their vicinity (by, say, killing them, ruining their curtains or digging their claws into your thighs) cats have had a long and venerable career in the movies. Supervillain cats, animated cats, talking cats, alien cats, jazz-loving cats, big cats, small cats, bald cats, fluffy cats, cats that think theyre Jesus and, of course, cute cats (auditioning for YouTube, no…

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Top 10 literary rodents

From Stuart Little to the beloved Ratty, author Kate DiCamillo picks 10 of the best rodents she has known and loved in children's books – and who have inspired her to go on and create her own in the form of Despereaux the mouse and Ulysses the squirrel

yzma: “ why did they let a two inch mouse join their soccer team how could he be beneficial in any way whatsoever this movie man ” Stuart Little 2, Jonathan Lipnicki, Geena Davis, Best Of Tumblr, Hugh Laurie, Nick Jr, Michael J, Greatest Hits, Tumblr Posts

Ruined Childhood

yzma: “ why did they let a two inch mouse join their soccer team how could he be beneficial in any way whatsoever this movie man ”

Margalo is a yellow canary and the deuteragonist of the 2002 film Stuart Little She is also Stuart's love interest. She is voiced by Melanie Griffith. Stuart Little 2, Harry Potter Full, Dove And Thomas, Melanie Griffith, Film, Yellow, Inktober, Movies Online, Pictures


Margalo is the deuteragonist of the 2002 film Stuart Little 2. She is a yellow canary who was Falcon's former servant/adoptive daughter figure, but is also still Stuart's best friend and later love interest. She was voiced by Melanie Griffith. She used to work for Falcon to steal household objects like rings and was his adoptivedaughter since Falcon was the only one who found her in the gutter and forced her to work for him. When she become friends with Stuart after enduring another abuse…