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Diamond Sicis mosaic.
Academy Tiles | Richmond, Melbourne | Artarmon, Sydney | Mosaic Ceramic Glass Porcelain Stone
Dual tesselations


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a close up of a person using a pencil to draw something
Drawing patterns with a dipping pen and ink - ARTiful: painting demos
For some designs you can start by drawing an outline with pen and ink.
an intricately designed wallpaper with pink flowers and green leaves on white background,
interior designer
Muriel Brandolini White 7A
the inside of an ornate building with text overlay that reads, nasir almuk
Visit the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz - Iran's Most Colorful Mosque
The Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, also known as the pink mosque, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran. See the light shine through the stained glass windows creating a kaleidoscope of colors and admire the beautiful Iranian architecture. Read here everything you need to know about visiting the Pink Mosque, including exclusive photography tips and why you should add this to your Iran travel itinerary! #Iran
an intricate design on the side of a building with blue stones and turquoise glass beads
Friday Mosque, Herat, Afghanistan, detail of Ghurid entrance portal.
an abstract background with lines and shapes in gold, white and silver colors that appear to be made out of metallic foil
Sydney & Melbourne | Tiles | Mosaics | Engineered Wood
Academy Tiles | Richmond, Melbourne | Artarmon, Sydney | Mosaic Ceramic Glass Porcelain Stone
an intricately designed tile floor with circular designs on the top and bottom, in different colors
Cosmati mosaics: harmony, symmetry, perfection
Cosmati mosaics: harmony, symmetry, perfection – Vatican City Tour skip the line
an intricately designed plate is shown in black and white
vase en cuivre étamé - détails d'ornementation
"'L'art Arabe', a rare collection of breathtaking set of plates (wood engraving, heliogravures and color lithographs) of the famous Islamic-Arab designs and ornaments published by the French art historian Prisse d'Avennes sometime during 1869 after buying them from the sixty or so French artists who accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte on his compaign against Egypt in 1798.