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a little boy standing next to a wall with a wooden frame on it's side
Tape paper towel or toilet paper rolls to the wall (or off furntiure) to make a tunnel. Give the lil ones a marble or small ball (IF you are watching them or are old enough that you know they wont put it in their mouth) and let them drop it into the top and wait for it to roll out.... Feeling crafty? Add extra ones at the end pointing in different directions so they don't know where it will come out at!
two white flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to rocks and moss covered plants
Sunny-Flowers Dortmund, Bildergalerie, Gestecke, Arrangements, Highlights
Sunny-Flowers, Dortmund, Bildergalerie, Bilder von einigen Werkstücken,
a glass jar filled with red berries on top of a table
Hurá do záhrady
Šípkové růže jsou podzimní hit. Z jejich plodů uvaříte nejen čaj, ale vytvoříte i originální dekoraci do bytu. #Inspirace #Podzim #KutilskyZpravodaj
blue flowers are growing in a pot on the grass behind an old wooden framed mirror
Let Your Planters Swing and Enjoy in Hanging Holders
Frame a Pot in The Air, Whoa! Seems Almost Like Magic
an image of christmas ornaments in a red frame on the wall with green ribbon and bow
Weihnachtskranz basteln - 32 inspirierende Bastelideen für Weihnachten!
bilderrahmen als türkranz gestalten
a chandelier made out of driftwood with ornaments hanging from it's sides
Weihnachtsdeko - AnneJoe Deko, Lifestyle & Wohnen
a carved wooden heart with the words, love is in the air and an inscription on it
Alles Liebe zum Muttertag, 21 cm, Holzdeko - HOLZLIEBE-ISERLOHN | Geschenke aus Holz | MADE IN GERMANY
a bouquet of lavenders wrapped in burlock hanging from a hook on a wall
25 DIY Burlap Decor Projects | The Cottage Market
Christmas rustic decor
a house with landscaping in front of it
Wright Landscape Services | Full-Service Landscaping In Kitchener
Simple planting with moss rock boulders.
a wooden heart with the words all in love always written on it
Alles Liebe zum Muttertag, 21 cm, Holzdeko - HOLZLIEBE-ISERLOHN | Geschenke aus Holz | MADE IN GERMANY
Herz zum Muttertag-120-800x800