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a black and white drawing of a spider with sharp lines on it's back
a black and white photo of a person with a cross
Talking Fantasy Illustration with Jeffrey Alan Love
a man in a black leather suit with spikes on his head and shoulders, standing under a cloudy sky
the faces of many people are drawn in different colors and sizes, including red, blue,
Faces. Personal project
a drawing of some people with glasses and mustaches on their heads, one man has a sign that says skeaches
a drawing of a boat sitting on top of a body of water
‪Here’s another moon base for my story idea. Always good to try ideas/designs beyond your first thought. Work fast so you don’t lose much time if something doesn’t work. 40/365 #sketch #sketchbook #mikephillipsart #dailysketch #sketchdaily #scifi #scifiart #concept #visdev ‬
a drawing of an octopus in front of a castle with turrets on it's head
13 Turpin ideas | sketches, concept art, robot concept art