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Helveor Roevleh

Helveor Roevleh
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Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.

Arduino Project For Beginners - #DIY - #Arduino -

What is Arduino? Arduino is a programmable circuit board that is used in many electronics and DIY projects worldwide.

Add Ethernet to any #Arduino project for less than 10$

So you have a neat Arduino project going on. Wouldn't it be nice to add Internet connectivity and do it on the cheap as well? This Instructable will s.

ELECTRONICS MINI PROJECTS IDEAS: More than 400 mini projects ideas on electronics for engineering students.

Top list of Latest Electronics Mini Projects Ideas has been published here for students. These are suggested by many experts for ECE and EEE students.

A tiny new open source drone kit made by Bitcraze is buzzing its way to market this spring, targeted at hackers and modders who want to explore droning indoors as well as out. Want!

Wanted a development kit that flies? The Crazyflie is an open source nano quadcopter kit designed for flexible development and hacking.