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an art project with watercolors on paper and colored pencils in the background
Осенний пейзаж рисунок для детей
a child's drawing is shown on a piece of paper with leaves and arrows
an orange leaf sitting on top of a white and blue paper with trees in the background
two children's books with pictures of animals and flowers on them, one is for the
a drawing of a fox swinging on a tree branch
a painting on the ground with trees and houses painted on it's surface,
Crayon Leaf Rubbing- Easy Leaf Art
someone is holding up a drawing with colored pencils on paper and the image has a leaf in it
four different pictures of children's artwork with leaves
Easy Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids | craft | DIY Stunning Leaf Crafts for Kids to Make | By Activities For Kids | Hello everyone, welcome or welcome back to your own Facebook page. In today's video we are back again with the amazing craft series. So here we are teaching you with the help of leaves how to draw different things. So the first one here is we have made trees with the help of leaves. Now that is something which is called peak of creativity I guess. Now we are making a palm leaf with the help of leaf and okay it's a sunflower. I am really sorry. And a butterfly with the help of leaves and done. Now the next one here is again taking a dried leaf and cutting it and pasting it as shown here. We are making a dinosaur with it. And yeah. Almost done. Now we are making this whole series is about dried leaves. So yeah you can actually use them also. So yeah. Now taking a maple leaf I guess. This what we call it I don't know but you might call them that way and your fishes are ready with the help of leaves. Now that is something really nice. Now next taking this double sided tape and sticking the leaves on the way but I shown you and making different birds I guess out of them and yeah so we have made different birds or these are some animals I don't know I am really not sure. Oh that might be ah okay I forgot. You can tell me. Now the next one here is we are making a okay we are making a dinosaur with the help of leaves only. And yeah I really like these red leaves by the way and done. Now the next one here is we are taking a stem and ah making a giraffe by the way because that long neck only giraffe can have it. Okay, so done. Now the next one here is we are drying a tree first and colouring it as shown here. Trying to make it real as real as possible. And then crushing the old guys dried leaves and now pasting them to make an actual tree with the help of leaves so yeah we are almost done with that now making a bird of course because trees are incomplete without them so done now the next one here is we have drawn a line and we are making a witch I guess yeah ah that is the only thing which can ride a broom so yeah we have made a broom with the help of a stick and sorry leave and now again adding these leaves and making a dress I guess. Is this that what we are making here? I think now we have made a dress of a whole girl with the help of leaves now done and ideally like the flower concept, hard concept. Now this one is a you know winter time we are all covered with the clothes. So yeah that's what we have made here with the help of a leaf and now making an umbrella with it and done. There can be so many uses and you can use leaves in so many different ways and use them for decorating your house. Now that something which is called a different level of creativity. So now the plane is also done. Moving forward we are making ah a caterpillar on a leaf. That could be ironic and yeah he is going somewhere I don't know where he is going but I really know it's a caterpillar. Now the next one here is we are making a sea ah what do you call it? A sea scene here and now so many different ah fishes are there. Now I have seen in one of our videos only that you can make eyes with the help of okay so moving forward now we have taken another leaf and cutting it in the shape as shown now do it as shown here taking a double sided tape and yeah adding them in different shapes and you are almost done so earlier okay done thank you
an art project made with colored crayons and chalk paste on a wooden table