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Boethius’ Rota Fortuna or wheel of fortune casting a shadow over a dog; engraving emblematic of the black plague, ca. 1650.

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Ripley Scroll : George Ripley was a 15th century alchemist who produced alchemical works containing rhymed criptic verses describing the process to create the legendary Philosophers Stone. In the 16th   century the Elizabethan polymath John Dee created pictographic scrolls based on Ripley's verses.  The figure at the top of the scroll is alleged to be Hermes Trismegistus the mythical founder of alchemy and patron of Hermeticism.

January (chapter ""My thoughts drifted while Mary worked. The day was sunny, and a beam of light sliced through the smoky air and fell on the mural depicting the alchemical dragon. I sat forward in my chair. 'It can't be.