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a lego model of a farm with tractor, barn and silo
a toy truck made out of legos in the grass
John Deere Lego Tractors and Combines on Display
Lego John Deere Combine
a lego park with flowers and trees on the ground
Park Scene
LEGO IDEAS - Park Scene
there are many legos on display in this toy model town setting that is made out of lego blocks
a lego model of a construction site with workers and machinery
Building site 2
Building site 2 | by Bricks for Brains
a lego city scene with construction vehicles and workers
Lego Construction Site
a yellow lego truck with black tires and wheels on it's back end, in front of a white background
How to build a Road roller using LEGO Classic 10696 (Alternate) construction vehicle レゴクラシック ロードローラー
By watching this video, you can easily build a steamroller using only your LEGO Classic 10696 set. Enjoy building it together with your child, or take out the LEGO pieces stored in the back of your closet that your child no longer plays with, and try creating and displaying this oller-compactor.
the lego excavator is designed to look like a construction vehicle
Lego Classic 10696 Building ideas - Excavator - DIY instruction
an advertisement for the lego movie zip line
Zip Line!