Signature Style

Collection by Hillary Clinton


From cozy sweatshirts to stylish hats, you'll love these campaign essentials.

Hillary Clinton
The Clinton-Kaine Yard Sign: Make sure your neighbors know you’re supporting this team all the way to the White House.

Rob Duncan Button Combo: Rob Duncan is the owner and creative director of Mucho San Francisco and New York.

Hillary Pennant Lapel Pin: Show the world you’re on Team Hillary with this festive blazer accessory.

HRC Postcard Pack: Drop your friends a note from the campaign trail or tuck these postcards away as keepsakes.

"Shattered Glass Ceiling" Shot Glass Duo: Cheers to the campaign we’re building together!

Stronger Together Button Combo: One for you and one for a friend.

Stronger Together Bumper Sticker Combo: Show the world what this campaign is all about with this statement bumper sticker.

The Winning Ticket Bumper Sticker Combo: Be one of the first to show your support for Hillary and Tim Kaine—her new running mate, and your next Vice President!