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a large kitchen with an island in the middle and wicker baskets hanging from the ceiling
30 Modern Kitchen Designs: How To Give Your Kitchen A Timeless Look
Thinking of renovating your kitchen to give it that timeless look? Get inspired by modern kitchen design that stays relevant.
a large dining room with lots of chairs and lights hanging from the rafter ceiling
Vacation design vibes
Whether it's Bali, Greece or the Bahamas, isn't it fun when you are somewhere exotic on vacation or as we say in the UK - on holiday, and you just fall in love with the interior design of the hotel or villa. Recreating it at home even in small ways will give you those vacay/ holiday vibes. Try hanging a small grouping of wicker style chandeliers or collect some beach pebbles to display at home and feel the difference. #vacation #summer #organicdesign #organicinteriors #boutiquehotels #Bali #Greece #Italy #Bahamas #neutrals #Neutralinteriors #Rattan #Pendantlighting#design#TweakInteriors
a dining room table with chairs and lights hanging from it's centerpieces
an elegant dining room with a christmas tree in the window and candles on the table
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