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a lightning bolt is reflected in the water
~Lightning. strike~ct~
~Lightning. strike~ct~ #Reflections #Photography
the full moon is seen through an opening in some rocks on the water's edge
The Mystical Lion
Turquoise Moon ocean More
an infrared image of a tree in the middle of a snowy field with stairs leading up to it
Shadowness will close down on July 1st, 2015
White trees
the water is flowing over the sand at the beach
Whimsical Raindrop Cottage
Nature photography
the moon is reflected in the water at night with its reflection on it's surface
three different shots of the aurora lights in the sky
Auroras: What makes them happen?
These northern lights in Finland and they just look like such beautiful white ribbons being dragged thru the sky
a blurry photo of some lights in the dark night sky with purple and blue hues
weee.....another lite trail...
Seeing lightning strike from a moving car...Photo by domestik,
a tree that is in the grass with blue and pink lights on it's branches
Exactly why you should not stand under a tree in the rain. Wow - the lightning strike follows all the way along the roots... we've had a lot of lightning here in Houston the past two weeks. Glad I wasn't hanging out under that tree at the bus stop.