Zuzana Horvathova

Zuzana Horvathova

I don't wanna work today Maybe I just wanna stay Just take it easy cause there is no stress. I know it’s not an awful crime Something special in my mind Nothing
Zuzana Horvathova
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Snack Treat Bags

Cute Halloween Snack Bags - tutorial and printable templates designed by Jen Goode. Fun Halloween crafts and treats for you to make! (White ones with yogurt pretzels instead of popcorn)

using fishnets to make mermaid scales shown by multiple MUAs | INSIDER BEAUTY https://www.facebook.com/Insiderbeauty/?fref=ts

halloween makeup halloween costume diy ideas, My mom did this a few years ago on Halloween for my costume I was medusa and it was very realistic but then again you should use more Massey colors

Ooh. Meet the *most-pinned* Halloween costume of this year...

I don't like this makeup look as i think that it looks too overdone and the colours are too bright this has helped me decide how i would like my final makeup design to look.