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the france weather map with all the major areas and their corresponding temperatures on it
Jeu de la météo des pays
Jeu météo : pour pratiquer les prépositions (a + ville ou en/au/aux + pays) et demander le temps qu’il fait.
a book with an image of people in the living room and dogs on the floor
Description image - Samedi après-midi
a poster with words written in french and english on the front, including an image of a
a poster with the words phrases you should know in different colors and font styles on it
50 Common French Phrases Every French Learner Should Know
the french language poster shows different types of people and their names in black and white
the french language poster for children's activities
Les vacances
an info poster showing different types of people
10 expressions avec le mot "air" | TICE et langues
a map with different types of food and places to eat in the world on it
Les Départements d'Outre-Mer (DOM)
a map with different locations in french and some words on the bottom right hand corner
Playbac Presse Digital
an image of a man with beards in front of paintings and text that says manet, monet et renoir
FrenchBook: Photo
an infograph poster showing the history of famous people from around the world, including albert davis
Victor Hugo : fiche pour faire un exposé | PASSION FLE
a map with different languages on it and some people in the middle one is pointing at something
Des langues très varieés | PASSION FLE