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the interior and exterior of a modern home with wood paneling, stone walls, and large windows
The Edris House Proves That Good Design Can Stand The Test Of Time
a modern house with palm trees in the front yard and green grass on the lawn
The Best Front Door Colours Inspired By Mid Century Homes - Exterior Colour
a living room filled with furniture next to a wall covered in wooden planked ceilings
UK Location Houses - Photo Shoot, TV, Film - SHOOTFACTORY
the entrance to a modern house with rocks and plants
Mid Century Modern Home Design
the front entrance to a house with stone walls and plants in pots on either side
SoCal Modern: At Home in the New Frontier
a stone wall in front of a house
A Bright and Classy 7-Bedroom $1.2 Million Doomsday Mod from 1961 Rocks on in Friendswood | Swamplot
two people standing on the balcony of a modern house with stone steps leading up to it
The Tale of Michelle Glew-Ross and Bugsy & Bobby Ross |
the house is surrounded by greenery and trees
Brentwood Untouched 1960 Mid-Century Modern Comes Loaded With Charm
a man sitting in a lawn chair on top of a stone patio next to a house
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