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proud mom of twin girls...
Zuza CHum
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Bedroom : Space Saving Bedrooms Ideas With Twin Bed Space Saving Bedrooms Ideas Space Saving Beds‚ Small Room Ideas‚ Small Space Living also Bedrooms

How cute for twin girls! <3

I'm looking for ideas under my daughter's loft bed.I like the curtain idea, I'd probably put her desk under. :DIY frame/curtain over bunk beads using bed skirt and curtain panels.for the girls, maybe

Great for my twin girls

the kind of quilting i might have the patience/skills to do. lifewithoutfilters: (via mmmcrafts: duvet cover reveal)

For my Twin Girls

Girl room by Camille Easley looks like the closet was taken out and they recessed into closet space. Great use of making extra space! Armoire takes up lots less room than beds


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shots Recipe Fresh strawberries Vanilla vodka Godiva liquor Chocolate syrup Cut the strawberry and carve it into a shot glass shape. Combine these awesome ingredients, drink your shot, and then eat the strawberry.

finger food

These are 5 amazing photos of cute small food. Just like bonsai, which is a form of creating miniature versions of trees, these small cute foods have are just


Whisk Kid Rainbow Cake : took a while, but it was fun. It tasted good too. Made it for a birthday party and my friends were amazed. Frosting the cake all white definitely makes for a surprise when it's cut in to.