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Zuzana Fekiacova
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Healthy Avocado Egg Salad Recipe

Thought it was weird the first time I heard about avocado with egg salad because I didn't know there is no mayo. Makes sense now - avocado is the mayo substitute. And a pretty good one.

Little note for a little lunch box:)

littlecraziness: from heart to envelope. if you write a message in the centre of the heart, wouldnt it be a sweet reminder of your love for your family, friends and significant other? (via Forty Weeks: Crafts/DIY: Heart Envelopes)

DIY composter.  Definitely doing this.

Do-It-Yourself Food Scrap Digester/Composter. Properly composted food scraps can be turned into an excellent fertilizer for gardens. Learn how to put this easy system together. I have always wanted to try composting.

Sprinkle cinnamon on the soil after seeds are planted or when fungus or mold is detected on the seedling or plant to kill the fungus or mold.

Wonder if cinnamon essential oil diluted with water in a spray bottle would work--will have to try that. Use cinnamon on seedlings to prevent damping off fungus. The Rusted Vegetable Garden


12 pictures for greenhouse inspiration from around the web. These conservatories are indoor garden wonders. Inspire your green thumb with these photos. Natural light never looked so good!

Dividing Plants a step by step guide

I would love a beautiful garden this summer. Dividing plants is a great guide to why, when, which & how. Very thorough explanation with a terrific cheat sheet for common perennials. Come have a look & bookmark the cheat sheet.