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The Biomimicry Manual: How Does Nature Make Saltwater Drinkable?

A billion people don& have enough drinking water. Desalinating oceans is economically and environmentally expensive. Biomimicry looks at how nature does it.

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The Biomimicry Manual: What can the Honeybee Teach Designers About Insulation, Elasticity and Flight?

The TREEPODS themselves will be made entirely of recycled/recyclable plastic from drink bottles. Based not only on trees, but on the human lung, the design of the “branches” will feature multiple contact points that serve as tiny CO2 filters. The proposed design, giant white and translucent canopies of trees, can be installed among existing trees or on their own.

The proposed TREEPODS would not only de-carbonize the air of the city of Boston, but also serve as urban furniture, lights, and meeting places.