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Light Participation Limits MBS Gains as Treasuries Shrug Off Weak Auction
Light Participation Limits MBS Gains as Treasuries Shrug Off Weak Auction Today's 7yr Treasury auction was one of the only actionable items on today's calendar. It came out much weaker than expected and, for a moment, it looked like bonds might care. 10 minutes later and buyers had steamrolled through the brief selling pressure ultimately carrying yields to new lows before the 3pm close. The gains reinforce the range-bound trading themes of the week with yesterday erring toward the weaker…
an empty parking lot in front of a white building with large windows and trees around it
Swimming Pool Alice Millat / Atelier PO&PO design architect and agent
This new swimming pool of community interest replaces a local Tournesol swimming pool, particularly dilapidated located in Champaret in Bourgoin-Jallieu. As well as being able to maintain a facility settled in the heart of a political area of the city, one of the main stakes consists in better providing the east part of the territory in order to make the offer more accessible to a bigger part of the inhabitants of the conglomeration.
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Mortgage applications virtually unchanged despite rate hike – why?
Borrowers stay on the sideline as housing gets less affordable
a row of houses with the words housing's contribution to gps holds steady as growth soars
Rates, Mortgage App Volume Improve Heading into Holiday Season
Mortgage application volume increased for the second consecutive week as interest rates continued to decline. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said its Market Composite Index, a measure of that volume, was 2.2 percent higher during the week ending November 18 than the prior week on a seasonally adjusted basis and up 10 percent before adjustment. MBA had adjusted its data for the week ended November 11 to account for the Veterans’ Day holiday. The Refinance Index increased 2 percent from…
the house is white and has wooden doors on both sides, along with concrete steps leading up to the front door
Jacaranda House / Architects Ink
Centered around an existing tree, Jacaranda House offers a robust family home in Adelaide, Australia, that celebrates interaction between the landscape and each other. The clients sought a low-maintenance home designed for entertaining, with abundant access to functional outdoor areas to facilitate an active lifestyle. Additionally, they desired spaces that offer separation while maintaining connection.
a small cake sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says national cake day small business saturday
NOVEMBER 26, 2022 | NATIONAL CAKE DAY | SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY NATIONAL CAKE DAY On November 26th, National Cake Day delivers a scrumptious treat for everyone to enjoy! Slide over […] The post November 26, 2022 - NATIONAL CAKE DAY - SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY appeared first on National Day Calendar.
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Cenlar FSB unveils key addition to cybersecurity leadership team
The executive brings 25 years of experience to his new role
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Unofficial 4-Day Weekend
MBS live will be operating in "holiday light" mode today. The weekly newsletter is on holiday but will be back next week. Commentary and alerts will only be written in the event of extra large bond market movement. How would that be defined? It's fairly simple in this case: unless yields are breaking out side of this week's trading range, nothing significant is happening. Even then, a range breakout on a day like today could easily be a byproduct of light Yes, 3.842 would be the better part…
an apartment building on the corner of a street
Caracol Building / Estudio Herreros + MIM-A
The program —mixing social and free-market housing in coexistence and without differences—demands practically the consumption of the available building volume. This constraint, together with the demands for efficiency and simplicity that we impose on ourselves, represents a challenge for the development of a project with some added value. To this end, we look for the hidden powers of a proposal that is both pragmatic and at the same time sensitive to external stimuli.
an empty conference room with long tables and leather chairs in front of the wall, along with notepads
MBA appoints members to Affordable Homeownership Advisory Council
Council will focus on creating solutions that will ease ongoing affordability challenges
an image of a clock with the words top products, crm, accounting products primer on the capital markets job
Credit Reporting's "Massive" Cost Increase; Non-Agency/Non-QM News; Current Management Concerns
Putting out this daily commentary is like being in the army: I usually do more by 6AM than many people do during much of the day. The commentary is a little early this morning since I received an email on Thanksgiving from that my U.S. Government social security account password had expired and for me to send her my social security number and a new password. I wanted to take care of sending Isabelle the information first thing this morning, and am sure that…
an aerial view of some buildings in the city
Kitano Construction Nagano Head Office / Atsushi Kitagawara Architects
Since its construction in 1959, Kitano Construction's former Nagano headquarters has undergone a series of expansions designed by Junzo Yoshimura to accommodate the expansion of the company's business, but parts of the building had deteriorated significantly and a reconstruction plan was urgently needed.
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Mortgage rates top 7% again after brief pause
Rates rise back up as housing market adjusts to tightening monetary policy
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Early Economic Warning Signs in The Data?
We'd be the first to advocate taking Thanksgiving week trading momentum with a grain of salt, so this morning's discussion is less about drawing connections to market movement and more about the general message in some of the econ data. In this case, it just happens to advocate for the stronger trading levels. One of the best indicators, weekly Jobless Claims, is also the most subtle. It's only up to 240k as of this morning, but that's highest since mid-August, and it contributes to the…
a white house sitting on top of a lush green field
House AS / Ábaton
This 700 square meters isolated single-family house, with a CLT wood structure, was designed for a family with small children who trusted ÁBATON for the project. In this case, the studio developed the interior design and landscaping projects, as well as took care of the architecture and construction. The existing unevenness in the plot, of approximately 3,000 square meters, allowed the creation of a house with two floors, both in direct contact with the ground. The ground floor, with its garden…