17th century clothing

Step back in time with these elegant 17th century clothing ideas. Discover fashion inspiration from the past and add a touch of historical charm to your wardrobe.
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Pattern: based on the 1659 shirt worn by Claes Bielkenstierna in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 4 Fabric: fine white linen Haberdasheries: 50 cm narrow white tape, two hooks My husband is ‘chief commander’ of the commemorative battle for the siege of Grol (het beleg van Grol, in Dutch) at Groenlo, meaning he coordinates the battle, and as such, I decided he could no longer do without a proper 17th century shirt. Even though no one sees what he wears underneath his suit. As I want to be…

Jana Gazdošová
~WastedWeeds~: Mustard Brown Doublet (v2.0) "Mix & Match" Outfits, Mustard, Red Wool, Dutch, Millinery, Brown Silk, Mix Match, Wool Suit, Crazy Hats

*** As documented in an earlier post, I recently finished a brown wool doublet (well, not so recently, but we'll that that slide...) Made of scrap fabric, it was originally intended as a practice piece to learn some tailoring techniques and so the design was a little hodge-podge. This made stying the outfit somewhat difficult, since without a firm inspiration image or decade everything just seemed a little off. Or at least I couldn't settle on what the look was really meant to be. So…

Lisa Sinclair
WastedWeeds: Beige-Brown Kirtle with Grey Guards Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Crafts, Sewing Ideas, Tudor Costumes, Elizabethan Era, Medieval Clothing, Couture Sewing

*** Finally! The "Kirtle of Perpetual Procrastination" is complete! I'm now one step closer to finishing that elusive fitted gown outfit that I started planning an embarrassingly long time ago (like, an absurdly long time ago...to that point that it's getting ridiculous). I first sketched out this version some 3 years ago, but I now know that so much about the outfit --from the materials to the colour scheme-- isn't supported by historical evidence, and as a result it's languished a bit. It…