3 day smoothie detox cleanse

Reset your body and kickstart a healthier lifestyle with our 3 day smoothie detox cleanse. Discover delicious smoothie recipes packed with nutrients to help you feel revitalized and energized.
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Why Do a Smoothie Detox Stop the Cravings Get powerful nutrition packed into three days Reset your body and get it primed to function at its peak (so it can detox itself!) How It Works Want the free, easy to follow 3-Day Detoxing Smoothie Cleanse Guide to take with you? Here it is! Resetting […]

Jamie Lim
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When people tell me they're on a strict, long-term diet I get completely mixed feelings. Example: the paleo diet. If a person tells me they are on the paleo diet, my first thought is always "this person is either clinically insane or has never been to the Cheesecake Factory," and my second thought is generally "that's really impressive, I want to try that!" .....until reality kicks in. I cannot even commit to watching The Mindy Project two weeks in a row, let alone change my entire diet…

Daniela Becevello