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I wanted an easy way to teach the elements of art to my 6th graders. I decided to use hands to get them started. Hands are easy to trace and they are personal to each child. So, all of these lessons begin the same... Get your ART Elements Poster here. It is a perfect tool for teaching the elements! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Art-Elements-Colored-Poster-2785620 Tracing your hand. OP ART HANDS http://classroom.mineolaisd.net/webs/seatont/illuminated_hands.htm Go here to view…

Aubrey Clayton
How to Draw a 3D Hand with Lines [Video] | Geometric design art, Art drawings simple, Doodle art designs Design, Op Art, Pencil Art, 3d Hand Drawings, Art Drawings For Kids, Pencil Art Drawings, 3d Pencil Drawings, Cool Pencil Drawings, 3d Art Drawing

Hello everyone! Do you want to draw something really cool? Here's a quick and easy technique to draw a 3d hand illusion. I highly recommend to you to watch the video and hope You'd like to try it! MATERIALS: Pencil HB Markers (Gray and black) Charcoal #3ddrawing #pencildrawing #drawing #handdrawing #howtodraw #pencil #art #picture #diyart #diy

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