Acl rehab

Recover from an ACL injury with these effective rehab exercises. Strengthen your knee and regain stability with our top recommendations for a successful recovery.
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This the ultimate guide for the best acl exercises strength training after acl surgery. These acl strengthening exercises will give you the best exercises to rehab your acl and prevent re-injury. These acl exercises include pictures and detailed descriptions on how to perform!

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Anyone who’s torn their ACL can tell you how traumatic, painful, and life-changing the injury can be — and the recovery process certainly isn’t an easy one. Typical recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery can take up to 9-12 months, although many athletes continue working on biomechanical movement errors for up to 18 months. As you… Continue reading ACL Rehabilitation Timeline: Immediate Injury Response and Prehabilitation

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Technically speaking, you can walk without the ACL if you are only participating in straight line activities such as walking or cycling. However, if your ACL is completely torn, continue to walk may damage other parts of the knee and affect knee function for a lifetime which can lead to osteoarthritis if not treated correctly.

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