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Unleash your inner explorer with adventure photographer ideas. Learn how to capture breathtaking moments and create stunning visual stories that inspire others to embark on their own adventures.
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Evangelea Seelye is an adventure travel, lifestyle, and destination elopement photographer. She's a lover of the great outdoors and getting dirty and will follow the adventure anywhere! She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Washington and has years of experience photographing for print and online magazines including but not limited to Virtuoso and Northwest Yachting, for outdoor adventure companies like Explore Washington State, and more.

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If you are looking to become an adventure photographer, then I am glad you came across our blog. We have streamlined everything we have learned along the way through our shared successes and failures. We put pen to paper (so-to-speak) and laid out the foundation for you here. These are our 7 key pieces of advice for anyone interested in becoming an adventure photographer.

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