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Enhance the ambiance of your home with African rugs. Explore a wide range of unique and vibrant designs that will bring warmth and style to any room. Transform your space with these beautiful handcrafted rugs.
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Made your rug with custom size , Love Beni Ourain Rug ... Love AndaluciaCrafts ... love Berber Carpet The Famous Special Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug at AndaluciaCrafts. DESCRIPTION : This Moroccan carpet With Brown Levels (locally known by azilal Style) is handwoven by Women HandCrafted of Morocco. The beni ouarain teppich will create a Happy environment in your living room and bring comfort to your lovely space. DETAIL of this beni ouarain style : AGE: New, in super condition. color: Moroccan…

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Between hardwood flooring and cozy carpet selections, there is a multitude of flooring options to choose from when figuring out what best suits your interior decor. Unfortunately, all of them require you to make a (somewhat) permanent decision, a decision that will be laced with extra costs and unnecessary energy. However, there is a solution […]

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No one likes to step out of the shower or bath onto a cold tile floor. Not only is tile uncomfortable and even dangerous (due to the tendency of slipping), but it also adds no warmth to the room, but where do you begin? If you're determined to keep your bathroom void of a faux chenille with rubber backing, circa 1980, use these simple tips and shop with ease. If you've perused the aisles of your latest big box store, you've no doubt seen an assorted selection of rugs designed specifically…

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