Alton brown chocolate chip cookies

Bake the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies with this amazing recipe from Alton Brown. Get ready to indulge in warm, gooey cookies that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
The Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

These soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies are just like the childhood classic, but far, far better.This is essentially a hack of the most famous chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world, which we all know from the back of the Nestle “morsel” bag. Extra chewiness is attained by substituting bread flour for regular all-purpose, replacing one egg white with milk, and changing the ratio of brown to white sugar. I don’t recommend half or double batches. Instead, make a whole batch, bake what…

Adam Larson
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I am a sucker for all things cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies. As soon as I saw this recipe I had to try it; I was intrigued by the use of cornstarch. I was a little bummer I had to chill the dough before baking....patience is not my strong suit. Luckily these cookies were totally worth the wait! The finished product is a perfectly soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. Very much like those soft baked cookies they sell, except way better. This is definitely one of the best chocolate…

Erica Christian