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Feeling bored? Discover a range of fun and exciting activities to keep yourself entertained. Say goodbye to boredom and explore new hobbies today!
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Things To Do When Your BoredThis is a bumper list of things to do on those days when you have nothing left to doQuick fixes Workout Sell stuff on eBay Create a website Style you hair Make prank calls Climb a tree Give yourself a timed makeover Paint your nails Doodle on something with sharpieLong time Cook a new recipe Dye and then style your hair Rent a video game and try to beat it Learn to play the drums with YouTube Learn how to legally hack into computers Clean and rearrange your room…

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"Mom, I am bored." What do you do when your child says she is bored? Do you: 1. Reply back saying "Come lets do something together" and decide on an activity. 2. Ask her, what she would like to do and do it with her. 3. Provide Technological entertainment. 4. Tell her to take a break, relax and figure out something on her own. Most of us feel responsible when we hear this from our children, esp when we have a single child, and want to solve the problem right away. We do it either by…

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