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Trust the experts at the American Girl Doll Hospital to provide the best care for your beloved doll. From repairs to check-ups, our team ensures your doll stays in top condition. Schedule a visit today!
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Click "Like" on my American Girl Doll Creations by Carole Facebook page to receive updates when new items are introduced AND sign up to my Blog so you won’t miss any of my AG posts! Hospital Gown I wanted to try myagdollcraft Hospital Gown. I found a housecoat at the second hand store, cut it apart, laid my pattern on the sleeves and cut it out. I followed her instructions however, I did cut my bias 30” instead of 20” – just thought it would be easier for little fingers to tie it. Sew…

Michele Carroll
xoxo Grandma: Easy Doll Hospital Gown - a FREE Pattern Amigurumi Patterns, Couture, Hospital Gown Pattern, American Girl Doll Hospital, Doll Hospital, All American Girl Dolls, Hospital Gowns, American Girl Doll Diy, American Girl Patterns

Last March, I participated in a service activity and as part of that activity, we made simple medical dolls and hospital gowns to fit those dolls. As I was making them, I realized they are the perfect size for an American Girl doll. HERE is the link to that pattern; go to "Items to make" then to "Medical Play Dolls" and then to "Doll Gown Pattern". This is a super easy sewing project and can be made in around 15 minutes. Supplies needed: scrap of fabric about 9 inches wide x 20 inches long…