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Ancient runes

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Rune Meanings And How To Use Rune Stones For Divination — Two Wander

Rune stones are an ancient Norse method of divination. By use of the Elder Futhark alphabet developed in the 4th century, these powerful little nuggets of wisdom were used to predict the future, as sigils of protection, luck, and more. Read on to find out what are the rune meanings and how to use th

Mana runes V2 by MMan222 on DeviantArt

Description You may remember the runes from a while back when I first introduced them. If you're interested in the long-winded explanations of each discipline, you can find them on the old deviation here. This is partially the product of my Macroeconomics class, where I started doodling my own runes out of boredom. The ones I was using previously were someone else's brush set, and those were the inspiration for my own runes here. As these runes are of my own creation, and specifically for…

Runes Are More Than an Alphabet

Rune comes from the word runo, meaning letter and mystery. Early Germanic systems were runic alphabets. Although the runes—often made by sticks, carved onto stone, wood, bone and metal—represented letters, they were ideographic or pictographic symbols of some cosmological principle or power. To use the runic language meant invoking the force for which it stood. For example the Týr rune is the Norse god of war, portrayed as a one-handed warrior. Týr’s symbol is the sword. Once

Stigma Mortuorum

Ancient Irish Celtic Symbols Ogham Runes of Ancient ''Druid Spells, Incantations and Intentions'', ''Fewsets Basic'' Ancient Symbols of ''Higher Spiritual Power and Magic'' The Ancient Magical...

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Rune Meanings: Choose A Rune and Discover Your Rune Message

When you take part in a rune reading, the rune you are drawn to the most can say a lot about you, and can help you get the answers you were always looking for.

So, I never thought about updating something like this... But! I'll need it for reference for Ahd'ar'ohk's Stave, so I post! This is the set of Ancient Runes as used by the race...

So, I never thought about updating something like this... But! I'll need it for reference for Ahd'ar'ohk's Stave, so I post! This is the set of Ancient Runes as used by the race...

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learn everything you need to know about the runes and start working imediately!💚 I invite you to dive deep and get to know the ancient wisdom, learn how to make amulets, talismans, how to make runes, consecrate them and read them. You'll learn how to interprate them and what do they mean when upright - reversed - surrounded by negative runes. Also, you'll learn the Trees, Colors, Gemtones and Herbs that runes correspond with each other. 💚
The Gebo rune, also known as “Gift,” is an ancient rune that dates back to at least the 4th century AD. Gebo is believed to have been used in divination and as a symbol of generosity, exchange, and balance. It was originally used by Germanic tribes as a magical symbol for protection and blessing. Want to learn more about runes and other topics related to divination and witchcraft? Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest or visit my Etsy shop.
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