Andy biersack makeup

Get inspired by Andy Biersack's iconic makeup style. Learn how to recreate his edgy and bold looks that will make you feel like a rockstar.
Andy is wandering what he did and if he can get out of it using hi beautiful eyes. The answer is yes Andy. Andy Biersack, Pierce The Veil, Eyes, Andy Biersack Makeup, Kellin Quinn, Ashley Purdy, Guys Makeup, Andy Biersak, Andy Black

x.CANCELED.x Leyna is a small town girl, with a painful past. When her, and her BFF, Libby go to Warped tour 2012 to see Black Veil Brides, something happens to change her whole life. She get's picked. Will she let Andy in? Will she show him the past that haunts, and folows her, every waking moment of her life? or will Andy make a mistake, that will officially scar her for life, and make her shut EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE out? read to find out...

Faith Buser