Animal reiki

Experience the transformative benefits of animal reiki and help your furry friends find balance and relaxation. Learn how to provide healing energy to animals and create a deeper connection with your pets.
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What qualities create the ideal Animal Reiki session where animals are honored as equal partners and allowed to lead their own healing process?I know what I’ve found to be most important, and I’ve shared it with you here on this special infographic. I’ve created this as a special gift to encourage and inspire you!As you can see, my idea of a “perfect” session isn’t about expectations of how the animal should behave or focused on specific healing outcomes. It’s not focused on hand positions…

Michele Murray
✋ Do animals not respond when you use symbols and mantras? Turn your focus inward and watch as your energy shifts into groundedness and expansiveness, qualities that are magnetic to animals. #LetAnimalsLead #AnimalsLoveReiki #KathleenPrasad #AnimalReikiSource #AnimalReiki #Reiki #reikihealing #reikimaster #reikihealer #reikienergy #animallovers #pets #healing #healingvibes #peace #reikilife #compassion #meditate #heartyouranimals #wellness #mantras #reikisymbols #reikimantras Meditation, Yoga, Animal Reiki, Healing, Reiki Healing, Compassion, Reiki Symbols, Healing Vibes, Reiki Energy

When I first learned the Reiki symbols and the mantras, I learned how to “give them” to my client or put them “on” or draw them “over” an area that needed healing. Working on self-practice and humans I found good results, but as I found myself working with more and more animals, I had less positive responses. The animals would often get up and walk away when I drew a symbol or visualized a mantra. Over time, I stopped using symbols and mantras when I was with animals, as they seemed to be…

Kathleen Prasad | Animal Reiki Source