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A Harry Potter wbwl fanfic On halloween night, a tall man who was strangely lacking a nose, came into a house looking for a specific 3-year-old boy. He did not know much about this boy, but he was either going to be the tall man's downfall or a great ally. The nosey man with no nose, need to make sure that it was the latter, not the former. The man found two little boys in a room. One was crying at the sight of him, while the other was staring at him calmly. "This must be the one," he says…

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Touma an average man whose full time job is to babysit kids and teens, gets reincarnated as the older brother of one of the capture target in an otome game named, Vividly Scenario - The Flower that Withered Yesterday. Zale Riquez is a side villain in the otome game, his role is to bully the fifth capture target aka, his little brother Aizel Riquez, but a turned of events happens and soon six capture targets begin to cling to him stead of the original heroine. Zale : "Can't you all go back to…

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Hitomi is bound to the spirit Rico. She was adopted by an elderly couple when they found her alone as a baby. They raised her in a small village, however when the villagers found out about Rico they got scared and sold Hitomi to Orochimaru behind the couples back. She was 5 when she was sold and she was experimented on and touched for 3 years. Will Hitomi find a new home? Will she make friends? How did she get bound to Rico in the first place? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR ANY OF THE…

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