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Get inspired by the fashion of Anne with an E and bring a touch of Avonlea to your wardrobe. Discover the top trends and tips to recreate the iconic style of Anne Shirley.
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Muriel Stacy is the teacher at the Avonlea school, and the widow of Jonah. The name Muriel is an Anglicised version of the Irish name Muirgel and Scottish Muireall. The name Stacy is derived from Stace which is a medieval form of Eustace. Portrayal Joanna Douglas portrays Miss Stacy in Anne with an E (2017–2019). Trivia The CBC website describes her as, Forward thinking, fierce, and compassionate, Miss Stacy has brought new life into the Avonlea schoolhouse. After standing up to the…

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Marilla Cuthbert is the sister of Michael and Matthew Cuthbert, and the adoptive mother of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert. Marilla was born in the late 1820s in Avonlea. She grew up attending school with her brothers Matthew Cuthbert and Michael Cuthbert, and her best friend Rachel. Her older brother Michael died when Marilla and Matthew were still in school, and because of this their mother became mentally ill. Marilla cared for both her mother and her younger brother, and gave up a life with John…

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