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Transform your antique booth into a captivating space with these creative display ideas. Attract customers and enhance their shopping experience with unique and eye-catching displays.
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Advice for renting an antique booth space to sell your vintage goods by Girl in the Garage. How to rent an antique booth - How to sell vintage goods - How to be a vintage vendor.

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Do you love decorating, design and vintage collectibles? If so, starting an antique booth could be a great way to use your creative energy while making extra money. This post will talk about the initial

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Hey, guys!So for the last year or so, our family has worked together to run a little antique booth at a local vintage shop [HERE] called Sailor Antiques in Claremore, OK, and it has been quite the adventure! While I definitely don't claim to be an expert, there are a few tips and tricks I've uncove

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12 Simple Ways to increase sales quickly 1. Add a wish list to your booth- customers write what they are on the hunt for. When you are pickin’ or creatin’ you can call them when you have what they are looking for. 2. Create a Business Facebook AND Instagram page and Post 1-2 times a

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