Antonio mora

Experience the captivating and thought-provoking artwork of Antonio Mora. Explore a collection of stunning images that blend photography and digital manipulation, evoking a range of emotions and narratives.
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Artist Antonio Mora describes his artwork as ‘cocktails’, mixtures of images found on blogs, databases, and magazines, fused seamlessly into imagery that could only come from a lucid dreamer. Whether it’s a forest melting into a woman’s face, or someone’s hair exploding into a slash of water, the dreamy portraits are hard to get out […]

Lisa Dubois
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I recently came across the amazing work of Antonio Mora .He is a prolific artist who uses digital collage technique to release the intangible magma in which our collective memory is rooted. Pusuer of dreams ,fantasies,creator.His works ,often disturbing and extraordinarly evocative always lead us to worlds in which images are interpresed with our own wishes desires,memories ...with our own dreams. Via Antonio Mora on Pinterest

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