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Ensure the safety of your apartment with these essential tips. Learn how to protect your home and loved ones with simple yet effective safety measures.

Everyone has moving horror stories, but there are just some things you don’t think to check until you’ve already signed a lease. Here’s 10 things that should be on everyone’s “must-check” list. 1. Hallway/Doorway Size: Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with great architecture lines of square footage, but sometimes (Even if you buy small furniture) things simply don’t fit in awkward hallways.

The criminal element can encroach in an area at any time. What was once a safe area can quickly change for the worse. What to Do If Your Apartment No Longer Feels Safe - Apartment Prepper https://apartmentprepper.com/what-to-do-if-your-apartment-no-longer-feels-safe-2/ Ideas, Friends, Emergency Preparedness, Urban, Flat Ideas, Apartment Living, Homestead Survival, Life Hacks, Apartment Safety

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com A while back, our management company left a flyer on our door about a "Resident Meeting" regarding apartment safety. I was concerned enough that I attended the evening meeting after work. A couple of policemen and the building management were in attendance. The meeting was to discuss a

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Young lady sitting at her countertop on her laptop. At the window beyond her left shoulder, we can see an intruder spying on her. He is wearing black and a black ski mask. Caption reads The 13 Best Safety Tips for Living Alone. Van, Studio, People, Life Hacks, Safety Tips, Security Tips, Independent Living, Living Alone Tips, Smart Safety

How can you stay safe if you're living alone? Especially as a woman? Being alert, building a network of people you trust, using common sense, listening to your gut instinct, and being wary about what you post online are all beneficial to your security. Click to read my 13 smartest safety tips for living alone as a woman, culled from three decades as a single-person household. Visit tidymalism.com for more single living tips, home organization ideas, and decluttering motivation. #singles…

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Some disasters may force you to shelter in place in your apartment. Here are tips for "bugging in" and how to barricade yourself in your apartment. Emergency Preparation, Diy, Life Hacks, Friends, Emergency Preparedness, Apartment Safety, Safe Room, Security Tips, Security Window Film

The need to protect your home during a disaster or mass civil unrest could become very real in a hurry. The goal of fortification is to deter conflict and prying eyes and prevent forced entry. We’re going to teach you how to barricade your apartment the right way.

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