Apple vodka

Explore a variety of delicious cocktail recipes that feature the refreshing taste of apple vodka. Try these unique and flavorful drinks to elevate your next happy hour.
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11 Drinks to Mix with Smirnoff Green Apple

Smirnoff Green Apple is a crisp apple vodka with plenty of flavor, so pairing it with the right mixer is key to enjoying it. This delightful vodka infusion embodies the vibrant essence of ripe green apples, beckoning for innovative companionship. Whether you're stirring up a dazzling concoction for a lively garden gathering or adding a twist to an intimate evening, Smirnoff Green Apple promises an exceptional drinking experience. #SmirnoffGreenApple

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28 Apple Vodka Cocktails That Will Shake Up Your Taste Buds!

🍎🍸🍹 Looking for the perfect apple vodka cocktail recipes? 🍏🍸🍹 Check out our collection of the BEST apple vodka drinks that will impress your guests at your next party! 🎉🥳 From sweet to sour, our recipes have got you covered! 🤩👌 #AppleVodka #CocktailRecipes #DrinkInspiration #HappyHour #Cheers #PartyTime

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Apple Blossom Moscow Mule

This Apple Blossom Moscow Mule is a refreshing must try cocktail. Sweetened apple juice, zingy vodka, citrusy lemon, and spicy ginger beer come together to make a delicious drink to leisurely enjoy.

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