Arrow fletching

Enhance your archery experience with these unique arrow fletching designs. Discover top ideas to create arrows that fly straight and true, giving you an edge on the field.
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The purpose of putting a fletching on the back of an arrow is to create drag on the back end of the arrow. If the back of the arrow wants to move slower than the front of the arrow, the arrow will fly straight. Anything that will cause the back of the arrow to come into friction with the surrounding air will create the necessary drag to make the arrow fly straight. I have made survival arrows that are fletched with leaves, duct tape, paper, small whole feathers, and all sorts of other weird…

Lajos Simon
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*TAIL FEATHERS OUT OF STOCK* These custom arrows are made from handpicked, straight-grain, poplar or Port Orford cedar dowels. Each arrow features a self-nock which simply means that the nock is part of the wooden shaft itself rather than an extra piece that can fall off. Each arrow is hand-fletched with natural feathers. These natural feathers were also processed by hand meaning that the thick quill portion and the pith were pounded off, each one being cut to a custom size. (White and black…

Alexis Howard