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Discover the benefits of art therapy and how it can help you express yourself and improve your mental well-being. Find top ideas and techniques to get started on your artistic journey.
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Pros and Cons of an Art Therapist Career (An Art Therapist’s Perspective) Hello friends, today, I'll share about the pros and cons of being an art therapist. What are the benefits and the disadvantages of being an art therapist?

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What it's Like to be an Art Therapist I think a lot of people might be curious about what it's really like to be an art therapist. Yes, you can search some stats and facts about art therapist career (e.g., pay, employment sites, etc) but it's really different to actually hear from an art therapist

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What do art therapists earn? Do they make good money? I bet so many people are curious about this fact. Whether you’re a college student who’s just curious about this field or a teacher who want to switch careers, you might be wondering whether art therapists earn enough and whether this is a fina

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How to Tell People What You Do as an Art Therapist (And Explain about Art Therapy If you’re an art therapist of creative healer, you’ll inevitably come to a point where you’ll have to tell someone what you do. And sometimes it’s not as easy as it might seem. I get this question sometimes - how d

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Clinical Art Therapy vs. Nonclinical Art Therapy Did you know that there are 2 different art therapy work types? Most people don’t know about this, and most art therapists don’t think about this so much, even though intentionally choosing which type they want to work with can make a HUGE differen

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