Aspen leaf

Explore stunning photography and artwork inspired by the natural beauty of aspen leaves. Find unique pieces that capture the intricate details and vibrant colors of these iconic autumn symbols.
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Aspen Leaves, North Lake. Sierra Nevada, California. October 5, 2008. © Copyright G Dan Mitchell - all rights reserved. (larger) Colorful autumn aspen leaves at North Lake, California. After being snowed on at North Lake the previous morning, I returned again on this day and concentrated on photographing aspen leaves, branches, and trunks in a grove along the side of the lake and near the famous "tree tunnel" that so many have photographed here. (Basically, I parked my car in the pullout…

Suzanne Reigart
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Leaves - simple; alternate; edge sharp-toothed, with rounded hollows between. Outline - rounded. Apex - short, sharp-pointed. Base - slightly heart-shaped. Leaf/Stem - slender and very much flattened sidewise. Leaf - two to two and a half inches wide, and usually about one half inch shorter than wide; dark green; smooth on both sides when mature, with a slight down on the edge. Ribs distinct above and below and whitish. Bark - of trunk, greenish-white and smooth, often with blotches of very…

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