Improve student learning with effective assessment strategies. Explore different assessment methods and techniques to ensure meaningful evaluation and promote academic growth.
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Whether they're completed on a piece of paper, a tablet, or a whiteboard, exit tickets are a powerful tool to use in your classroom. Exit tickets are formative assessments that provide a quick snapshot about your students' learning and understanding of a topic faster than any other tool in the classroom.

Jennifer James
Venn Diagram detailing the differences and similarities between summative and formative assessments. Gives examples of each type of assessment.  ( Mom

We hear the terms 'formative' and 'summative' assessments all the time in schools. As educators, we learned about the differences while in college in our education preparation courses. We now talk all the time about using assessments to 'drive' our instruction and provide guidance on where students are in the learning process. I'm struggling though with how these terms are actually being implemented in classrooms with real teachers and real students... To ensure we are all on the same page…

Mary Smile

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