Atomic theory

Delve into the fascinating world of atomic theory and learn about its key concepts and groundbreaking discoveries. Uncover the building blocks of matter and the scientists behind them.
This graphic takes a look at the major developments and models in the history of the atom. • Also buy this artwork on wall prints. Physical Science, Atomic Structure, Atomic Theory, History Of Atomic Theory, Physical Chemistry, Atom Model, Science Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, A Level Chemistry Revision

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432 BCE- Empedocles Empedocles was responsible for separating air as a separate substance. In his beliefs air, fire, water, earth mingle and separate under the compulsion of love and strife. 440 BCE- Democritus Democritus’s theory was the first theory to be contributed to the atomic theory. He proposed that the entire world was made up…

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Journey of atomic theory infographics  Atomic theory poster

Journey of atomic theory infographics Atomic theory poster

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Students made a foldable reviewing all the dudes they need to know that influenced the development of the atomic model. Students tried it out without their notes and realized how little they remembered... and then used their notes to record the information. We also watched a BrainPop about the atomic models to help refresh their memories. Now that they have their foldables made, they can use them to study for the unit test and to study for the SOL. For more information about the evolution of…

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