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Unleash your artistic potential with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Discover how this program can equip you with the skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in the creative industry.
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New Zealand-based artist Henrietta Harris creates watercolor paintings that often involve portraiture with a departure into the surreal with faces skillfully obscured and misplaced by the clean sweep of a brushstroke. When asked about her inspiration for her works she replies: “I get this question so frequently – inspiration and influences- but it’s very hard […]

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Jason Sacran was born and raised in the middle Tennessee area. He began to show interest in creating at a very young age, drawing and making things as early as he can remember. With encouraging support from his mother and others, Jason took this passion into adulthood, graduating with his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Tennessee Technological University. Jason was married with his first child before graduating, and soon had his second child before moving to Fort Smith, Arkansas in 2007…

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