Baltic cruise

Embark on a Baltic cruise and experience the breathtaking beauty of this enchanting region. Discover top destinations, cultural treasures, and unforgettable adventures on your journey through the Baltic Sea.
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{#widget:image|decorators:article_image|image:5670|title:Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo: Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock)|description:Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo: Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock)#} ### Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen's most famous attraction is Tivoli Gardens, a...

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If you are planning to book a cruise in the Baltic sea, we will tell you about our experience with NCL. Our Baltic Sea cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line was carried out at the end of September 2019, for a total of 10 days aboard the Getaway with Copenhagen as the port of departure and […]

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