Barn windows

Enhance the charm of your rustic home decor with these beautiful barn window ideas. Find inspiration to bring natural light and vintage appeal to your space.
For diy builders - Handmade 4' × 2' barn sash window, 10 true divided lights, ready to install. Window is framed in high-quality pine, and primed white on one side. These windows are intended to be installed horizontally. Available fixed or hinged. Old Windows, Jamaica Cottage, Barn Windows, Shed Windows, Greenhouse Shed, Backyard Sheds, Potting Sheds, She Sheds, Diy Shed

2X4 Eight-Lite Barn Sash Window

Wooden barn sash windows are an aesthetically pleasing and traditional addition for sheds, barns, playhouses, cottages, cabins, tiny houses, chicken coops, garages and workshops. These windows are constructed of high-quality natural pine and include eight true-divided lites with single pane glass.

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