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Discover the essential beekeeping equipment you need to start and maintain your own beehives. Get top-quality tools and gear to ensure the health and productivity of your bees.
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Besides the hives and bees, what do you need to keep bees? Everyone has their own beekeeping must-haves. Here are some of the things I've found to be important to me over the years. 1. Something to hold your tools. Sometimes I use berry baskets with handles or 3 gallon buckets. The cat's pajamas is this beekeeping box Jason made me that doubles as a little stool. A beekeeper's toolbox 2. A smoker and fuel. Don't mess around with the smaller smokers, just get a big one that holds more fuel…

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Like any new hobby, new beekeepers have a lot to learn. They can learn a lot through reading and watching videos, but the best learning experience is hands on. All new, and even experienced beekeepers will make a mistake time to time, it is inevitable. Below I have compiled a list of common mistakes new beekeepers make, in an effort to help you avoid them. 1. Inadequate Equipment It’s pretty common for new beekeepers to start out with a lack of equipment. This may be due to trying to save…

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