Best freeze dried food

Discover the best freeze dried food options that are both delicious and nutritious. Stock up on these convenient meals for your next adventure or emergency preparedness.
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DIY Freeze Dried Candy: Emergency Food Storage Supply

Freeze-dried candy is incredibly popular, as home freeze drying opens up a cottage industry for small scale producers to take everyday candy and make it into something extraordinary. You'll find freeze dried candy sellers at

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Can You Freeze-Dry Casseroles?

Casseroles can be freeze dried by removing any excess oils and fats, and by dividing the casserole into small, individual-sized portions before freeze-drying. Another easy option is to freeze-dry the ingredients to make the casserole, so that the casserole can be made any time in the future.

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What Freeze Dried Food Storage Options Are There - Freeze Drying Mama

These are great options for your freeze dried food storage. We have some tips on what to use and what to avoid as well as ways to save money!

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