Best friend notes

Express your gratitude to your best friend with heartfelt notes that capture the essence of your friendship. Discover the best ways to let your best friend know how much they mean to you.
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How well do you know your best friend? And how do you choose who is your BFF (vs. a regular friend or acquaintance)? Use these best friend quotes to teach you how to be a good friend, plus know the 8 reasons why she's your best friend over all the rest.

Davi de Souza
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There are 12 different positive post it stickers to collect, you can each one separately or a mix of 6, or all 12 During lockdown I used to write myself little positive messages on post it notes and stuck them around my desk. They really helped me to keep going through shielding and worrying about my family. Hopefully they will help you or your friends or family too. Each post it note is around 6cm in size. They are waterproof and printed on vinyl sticker paper Copyright Pixiedrew 2022.

Shubhangi Piplani